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Meeting 4/28/14

Present for today’s meeting :Brian, Renee, Laura, Kefira, Tracy, Trisha
We discussed State Library intersession ideas, and there was additional interest in professional development around leadership, project management.  Some of the organizations mentioned were; Literacy Central, DML Central, and Connected Learning.  We asked Brian if there were funds available for ALA professional development.  He said he would check and get back to us.  There are 5 intersessions required by October.  Renee mentioned that our grant application is due in June by our next session in Springfield.  She said she would be willing to write the grant.  We all agreed that after information gathering from our community, we will have a better idea of what we will request in the grant.
There was discussion about our invitation to our social event and along with the D65 Librarians and EPL Youth Services, we agreed that we would include Nancy from ETHS.  The survey would be sent to D65 Librarians and EPL Youth Services only.  The survey is ready to send and we will do so along with the May 7th invitation.  We decided that the survey results should be in by Monday, May 5th, and reviewed before our May 7th event.  Those results will help us identify what question, or launch point we would like our participants at the social event to take.  The activity will be done on 11 X 14 sheet of paper passed around the room for people to share ideas. The structure of the event will be fairly loose, but Laura will introduce the event, and take notes about how it’s going.  There will be informal conversation.  We will take pictures and video the event.  Following the event we will reflect,  and add an entry in the blog.

Reminder to take the survey will go out Friday, May 2nd, and Monday May 5th we will follow up via email regarding survey results.  Our next get together is going to be on May 7th at the social event.



meeting 4.21.14

April 21, 2014


We discussed for some time what our question to our community (D65 librarians, EPL librarians) would be. There was discussion about communication and collaboration as our mission, and who our audience is and their purpose. It was decided that rather than just having a “social event” that would include information gathering, we would send out a survey. At that time, we would also send an invitation to our social event after our May 7th D65 meeting at the Celtic Knot. We discussed the need to begin information gathering and documentation for our poster session in June.

Our next meeting is on Monday, April 28th at 4:00 p.m. at Evanston Public Library. It was suggested that Google Hangout might be a way for us to hold some of our meetings, if there was a problem with schedules.